Blue Castle Garden

Get inspired by Blue Castle Garden. Learn what makes this garden so special and why it was named this way. Learn about what is possible in a harsh zone 3 location.

This garden features a pergola, gate arches, lattice panels, both paver and flagstone pathways and patios, planters, a dry stream bed and a wide array of flowers, bushes and trees.

Blue Castle Garden - Front Yard

In 2005, planning began for Blue Castle Garden. The lot size, lot shape and house direction were decided on which would have a great influence on the garden design and plant selection for years to come.

Blue Castle Garden - Side Yard

In 2006, house construction was completed late February. Much of the upcoming summer was spent dealing with an unexpected grade elevation problem between me and my neighbour’s house.

Blue Castle Garden - Back Yard

In 2007, after the construction of a retaining wall, fence building began. Sod was laid over the entire front yard and the first plants were grown, including a thriving patch of potatoes in the back yard.