Blue Castle Garden Timeline

Creating a beautiful garden can take many years. Discover how Blue Castle Garden slowly developed from a dirt lot into a lush garden and observe the accomplishments, challenges and discoveries along the way. 

Blue Castle Garden: Year 1

In 2005 planning began for Blue Castle Garden. The lot size, lot shape and house direction were decided on which would have a great influence on the garden design and plant selection for years to come.

Blue Castle Garden: Year 2

In 2006 the house construction was completed in late January. Much of the upcoming summer was spent dealing with an unexpected grade elevation problem between my house and my neighbor’s house.

Blue Castle Garden: Year 3

In 2007 fence building began after the construction of a retaining wall. Sod was laid over the entire front yard and the first plants were grown, including a thriving patch of potatoes in the empty back yard.

Blue Castle Garden: Year 4

In 2008 the fencing on all sides was completed. The major outlines of the back yard garden were established and half of the front yard sod was moved to the back. The back yard gate arch and pergola were constructed.

Blue Castle Garden: Year 5

In 2009 all major wooden structures were completed and painting began. The side yard flagstone path was laid and the dry stream bed and bridge were built. Both front and back yard were fully planted.

Blue Castle Garden: Year 6

In 2010 several minor construction projects were completed and the soil was heavily amended. Starting plants with grow lights was attempted for the first time and a terrible hailstorm shredded the garden in late summer.